Affiliate Tip – Make Hyperlinks Clickable for AOL Customers

Are you aware what number of of your publication subscribers have AOL addresses? AOL has roughly 24 million subscribers, so it is possible good portion of your subscribers are getting your e-mails at an AOL account.

I checked one alone opt-in lists, and twenty-five % of the subscribers to my checklist have been utilizing AOL addresses. That is an entire lot of individuals that will cease studying your textual content publication in the event you do not take some straightforward steps and cater to them log in.

The present model of AOL ( is doing a pleasant job of studying HTML e-mail, however textual content e-mail to AOL continues to be an issue.

Most e-mail purchasers will make a URL clickable, however not AOL e-mail. Reasonably, the programmers at AOL created a system that acknowledges HTML tags in textual content e-mail messages and codecs these tags like they might show in a browser.

If you happen to merely embody a URL in your textual content with out the formatting, AOL subscribers must lower and paste the deal with into their browser window. As you possibly can think about, newbies might not perceive the way to lower and paste, or they could simply assume that your hyperlink would not work.

The answer is to indicate your hyperlinks in two codecs: a primary URL, and a particular textual content hyperlink (it is truly simply plain HTML that you will put in a textual content electronic mail) that’s clickable in AOL textual content e-mail messages.

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