Customise Your Horse’s Coaching Program – Ought to I Use a Light Leg or a Robust Leg?

It is essential to have a coaching system so that you simply faculty your horse in a transparent and constant method. The down aspect of getting just one system is that one strategy does not work for all horses. If a specific system is not proper in your horse, and also you attempt to power him to adapt to that technique, he can fall by the wayside.

As a result of I need each horse to develop to his potential, I’ve give you my system, which I name “Benign Antagonism”. Merely put, in case your horse does one thing you do not like, very calmly do the alternative. This strategy is “benign” as a result of your changes are performed quietly and with out power. It is “antagonistic” since you merely do precisely the alternative of what your horse wish to do. The cool factor about this technique is it really works for each horse no matter model, conformation, breed, or temperament. You customized design your system for every particular person 천안레깅스룸.

Within the subsequent 4 articles, I am going to have a look at some frequent questions that you simply might need so you’ll be able to see precisely the best way to use benign antagonism to customise your system.

These questions are:

1. Ought to I Use a Light Leg or a Robust Leg?

2. Ought to I journey my horse “Deep” or “Up”?

three. What’s an excellent tempo for my horse?

four. What do I do with my horse that does not wish to bend to the precise?

The Light Leg versus “Extra Leg” Dilemma

A lot of the horses I see in clinics (even the recent ones) are behind the leg. In case your horse is uninteresting to your driving aids, you find yourself using him from entrance to again whether or not you imply to or not.

I am from the varsity of thought that claims a horse ought to react promptly and eagerly to delicate leg aids: Once you use your leg calmly, your horse ought to reply instantly and enthusiastically. It is exhausting and never very fairly to squeeze and grind together with your legs each stride. As a substitute, practice your horse to react to feather light aids.

Once you’re not giving a leg assist, relaxation your legs quietly in your horse’s sides. Once you select to offer an assist, enhance the pressure barely and momentarily. By no means regulate your assist by repeating it or making it stronger to permit in your horse’s dullness. As a substitute, insist that he grow to be extra reactive to a refined assist by placing him in entrance of your leg.

My Horse is Boring to the Driving Aids

This is the method of placing your horse in entrance of your leg (or any of your driving aids, for that matter!)

· Use a feather light assist, and anticipate your horse to SURGE ahead

· If he does not, chase him ahead by tapping him with the whip or bumping him together with your legs (or each!).

· RETEST together with your light assist. (Should you do not retest, he’ll simply get lazier.)

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