Shows – What is the Distinction Between a PowerPoint Slide and Handout?

Some of the widespread issues with PowerPoint shows is slides which can be loaded with data, means too busy for the viewers to see. When I attempt to provide suggestions on that drawback in my workshops, fairly often, individuals reply that they must be that detailed as a result of they’re additionally serving as a handout. If the presenter simplified the slide, then the handout could be too easy, which could not make a lot sense every week or month later if the viewers member referred to it slides by google.

This creates a dilemma. In case your visible on the display screen is straightforward — which it ought to be — then your handout might be not detailed sufficient to be an applicable takeaway. However in case you design your visuals so they may have extra element to beef up your handouts, then your slides shall be too busy to be efficient.

This is the perfect resolution to that dilemma: do not make your handouts replicas of your slides. Create a separate doc on your handout. That doc — whether or not a pocket book or report or what’s referred to within the company world as “the deck” — has all of the element. However the slides projected on the display screen are easy, bullet-point variations of the element. They function speaking factors — the important thing factors that may assist the viewers perceive and bear in mind the concepts — however aren’t so advanced and overdone that they serve no function.

Keep away from redundancy between your slides and handouts at any time when potential. Design your supplies in such a means that the viewers’s focus will clearly be directed to both the visible or the handout (once they’re not targeted on you!). Let one complement the opposite, however keep away from pointless duplication.

And earlier than you begin to complain about how that may double your work load, to create two variations, think about this. Be sincere, what is the nature of the PowerPoint you are going to create anyway? Detailed, proper? Plenty of data on every slide. So, go forward and go along with that intuition — and save that as your handout. Then undergo it, modifying vigorously till you get every slide all the way down to key, easy factors — and save that as your slide presentation. And to beat one other objection I typically hear — sure, your projected slides ought to have darkish backgrounds and light-weight sort to be most seen . However you don’t have to print your handouts out with all that heavy ink protection. Within the print field, merely choose “black and white” as your choice and the background shall be white and the sort shall be printed in black sort.

So long as I am with regards to handouts, let me provide strategies on two different pretty widespread points. One is the frustration of getting the viewers concentrate on the handout when you don’t need them to. Whereas it is not possible to manage what members of the viewers do, you may reduce this by strategically selecting when to cross out your supplies. In case you hand them out throughout your presentation, then you may anticipate all heads to go down and concentrate on the handouts. So, one choice to attenuate the viewers’s consideration on the notes is to get them out forward of time – actually ship or e-mail them upfront or else have them set at their seats once they arrive. This enables the group to peruse the supplies earlier than the presentation. That means, they’ve happy their curiosity and usually tend to concentrate on you if you start. The opposite choice is to supply them after your presentation. You may clarify throughout your speak that there shall be an in depth handout obtainable afterward, in order that they’ll be happy that they are getting some type of takeaway.

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